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We specialize in demanding projects in the sphere of building, integration and maintenance of advanced technological solutions in the widely understood areas of IT and automation.

We offer our customers well-thought-out and effective solutions to increase efficiency, safety, effectiveness and thus competitiveness of their business.

Marker presence

12 years


+ 75

Returning customers

90 %

Completed projects

+ 220

Our strengths


We provide our customers with modern, innovative products and services. We constantly analyze new trends on the IT/OT market, choosing solutions that are effective, safe and bring measurable benefits. Our customers appreciate us for our objective advice, precise selection of solutions and creativity in building “tailor-made” products.


3pro is a company founded by experienced engineers and knowledge-based from the very start. It is the competence and potential of our staff that determine our advantage in business and the dynamic development of the company. Knowledge combined with extensive experience allow us to enjoy the continuous trust of our customers for years.


Over the years we have developed efficient methods of designing and delivering products and services – ensuring the highest possible level of quality. We design solutions according to the best practices of manufacturers and the market. We apply recognized management methodologies and standards, tailored to the nature of the project and the Customer’s immediate needs.

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